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Completely Cool

Are you a Ninja Turtles fan? Well, even if you’re not, everyone’s nose is the head of a Ninja Turtle. Which one is yours?

Here is a Tumbler blog with all of the photoshopped noses.

This morning at breakfast we were all talking and through a bit of discussion my wife declared it to be true, Nicolas Flamel is Santa Claus. Go ahead, try and refute it. :) I mean, come on, look at that picture!

A lot of us know Flamel from Harry Potter, but he’s been around for awhile. Here is a wiki article on Nicolas Flamel.


When my daughter got her DS, the game my wife and I wanted to play the most was Scribblenauts! My wife and I kept wondering why it wasn’t available on the iPhone, well, now when you update your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad to iOS5, you’ll be able to buy it!! Sweet!!

What the heck is the game you say? Here’s the quick version.

You’re placed in a situation. Let’s say you have to get through a glass window. If you want to use a hammer, you type in hammer. The game then gives you a hammer. If you want to throw a rock, you type in rock and so on. There are many different ways to solve the problem. The more creative the solution, the more points you get. It’s just pure awesomeness. Check it out.

Here’s the Wired.com article on Scribblenauts.

My wife just sent me this article from Wired.com. It’s a running app with a story of running away from Zombies! It’s soooo freakin’ cool. I’m definitely getting this as soon as it comes out.

Okay, this isn’t some knock on floppy disks, it’s just an awesome setup. I wonder how long it took him to put this together.

This is why I tolerate the dog. :)


Finally a personalized sleeping box!


Did Google Maps update your directions?!


I said, I wanted alone time to think.


Purrr…I love Apple!


HOLY! A floating boat!


What if my canoe was right over the reflection?


I want my training wheels back!


Boo! Remember to send your X-Mas cards!


I guess I can’t spend these quarters.


Booyah! Dogs are allowed!

I think this watch site is pretty awesome. Make a watch of your own.

This is a pretty cute little robot that is going to compete in the Iron Man. I wonder how much energy is stored in those three little batteries? Apparently it can do a better job physically than me.

I saw this on Boing Boing today. It’s pretty cool. Still sad to see the space shuttle go.

Three Lego figures are going to be sent with Juno to Jupiter. It’s a NASA project. Pretty cool though.