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Completely Cool

These awesome pictures were all found at PerfectlyTimedPhotos.com. It’s pretty awesome

Okay, I’m a total math dork, and I love this video.

Okay, it’s been waaayyyy too long since I’ve written anything. No time you know? Anyhow, I’m changing it up a bit too. Quick little posts, better to fit with my ‘A Quick Remark’ title. :p.

Check out this awesome Lego creation. That would be so much fun to re-create, although having to stop to take pictures is kind of a buzz kill. I got this from wired.com.

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Okay, this is one of the coolest and I think potentially most useful iPhone app in quite a while. I can’t wait for it to add more and more languages. Maybe they can use the technology to help teach the language too. Perhaps it can read the sign, and then translate it. That way you can slowly learn the language as well.

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I got this in an email forward today. I love the cold weather, snow, and all that jazz. This looks totally cool, and I wish I could go check it out.

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Cool Things!! I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted one of these, so without further adieu, here you go.

Batman Signal

I want to do this one day. I am Batman!!

Scooby-Transformer Mashup

With all of the Glee mash-up hoopla, here is a visual mash-up. Scooby Doo and Transformer, a clear winner.

Heavy Cargo

Speaking of a clear winner, these people must be having some fun. I wonder how far cross country they traveled.

Okay, there is a list of things I’ve kept to try and tie together in a cool things post. It doesn’t look like I’m going to come up with a theme, so here they all are. Hope you enjoy!


Okay, here are just super awesome Lego things. Have I mentioned that I love Legos?

Aircraft Carrier

Europe Lego Map

Lego Inception

Other Stuff

Oldest and Newest Boeing

Beer with Football

It’s a cool Thursday in Houston today, so I thought I’d post some cool items. Hopefully it stays cool from here on through the rest of fall and into winter.

Okay, first thing’s first, here’s what I’m listening to right now. I’ll give you a hint, it’s an acoustic version of a song from my favorite band.

Okay, now that’s you’ve listened to that, here are some cool things I’ve found recently (not that the song isn’t cool).

USB Harddrives in NYC

Image from: Aram Bartholl

Aram Bartholl has gone around NYC placing USB hard drives into the infrastructure of the city. You can plug your computer into it and leave what ever you want. Two questions, would you connect your computer in the first place? If you would, what would you leave behind?

Colors of the Web

Here’s an infograph of the most powerful colors on the web. Well, at least the colors that are used the most. Kind of interesting. I fall in the blue category.

Double Negative

I just thought this was funny.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. I’m a little out of date, but here are some pretty darn awesome cool things.

iPhone in Space

When I first read about this, I wasn’t too impressed, but intrigued enough to watch the video. When I saw it, I realized how amazing it is. I totally want to do something like that. Super cool.

Tron – Marvel Posters

Ummmm….just cool. I totally want to watch this movie, if only for the Tron like effects.

King Koopa – For Real

Remember Koopa in Mario? He was real!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

– a quick remark

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, or fanatic, NYC is the place to be mid-November. Actually if you’re a fanatic, you probably already know about the awesomeness going on during that time. Thanks for Geekdad.com for compiling it all together.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

First off, the next Harry Potter movie is set to open November 19, 2010 in the US. I still get chills every time I watch the trailer. Although I get chills for any of the HP movie trailers.

NYC Wizard Rock Festival

After the movie is released, 10 Harry Potter themed bands will be playing a concert series. Although, I didn’t see Harry and the Potters (boo000!), but still super awesome.

Quidditch World Cup

Finally (I love this by the way), the 4th Quidditch World Cup will be in NYC November 13 – 14. Fifty teams will be coming to participate in the tournament. Our local high school has a quidditch team. I wonder if they are going.

I soooo want to go to NYC anyways, and this would just be awesome!! Think, Harry Potter stuff, smac, Harry Potter stuff, Tea and Sympathy, Harry Potter stuff, Haru, continue the pattern. All awesomeness!

– a quick remark