A Quick Remark

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That was the subject of an email my wife sent me, and it totally holds true. It’s not family friendly, but I laughed so much tears came to my eyes. It’s all at damnyouautocorrect.com.


Okay, totally cool and awesome!! Really just watch the video.

It took two years to make this video.

Here is the behind the scenes. Pretty cool.

Time to buy a digital camera again. You can’t throw a phone up in the air like this.


Are you a Ninja Turtles fan? Well, even if you’re not, everyone’s nose is the head of a Ninja Turtle. Which one is yours?

Here is a Tumbler blog with all of the photoshopped noses.

My Wife sent me this last week. What needs some fixin’? I’ve got a few ideas.

This is why I tolerate the dog. :)


Finally a personalized sleeping box!


Did Google Maps update your directions?!


I said, I wanted alone time to think.


Purrr…I love Apple!


HOLY! A floating boat!


What if my canoe was right over the reflection?


I want my training wheels back!


Boo! Remember to send your X-Mas cards!


I guess I can’t spend these quarters.


Booyah! Dogs are allowed!

I love this shirt. You can buy it here, but it’s only available today. Which side were you on, or were you one of the lucky kids that had both?

My wife sent me these awesome “old school” type posters.

If these are available in 2015, I want a pair. No question!