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My uncle forwards me emails ALL the time. Sometimes, I actually get something amazing. Here are a set of picturesque roads from around.

There are a lot of thoughtful things you could write with these pictures, but I have to work, so I’ll let you come up with them on your own.

I just got this from my wife, and I thought it was amazing.

I want a person with aids for president and I want a fag for vice president and I want someone with no health insurance and I want someone who grew up in a place where the earth is so saturated with toxic waste that they didn’t have a choice about getting leukemia. I want a president that had an abortion at sixteen and I want a candidate who isn’t the lesser of two evils and I want a president who lost their last lover to aids, who still sees that in their eyes every time they lay down to rest, who held their lover in their arms and knew they were dying. I want a president with no airconditioning, a president who has stood on line at the clinic, at the dmv, at the welfare office and has been unemployed and layed off and sexually harassed and gaybashed and deported. I want someone who has spent the night in the tombs and had a cross burned on their lawn and survived rape. I want someone who has been in love and been hurt, who respects sex, who has made mistakes and learned from them. I want a Black woman for president. I want someone with bad teeth and an attitude, someone who has eaten that nasty hospital food, someone who crossdresses and has done drugs and been in therapy. I want someone who has committed civil disobedience. And I want to know why this isn’t possible. I want to know why we started learning somewhere down the line that a president is always a clown: always a john and never a hooker. Always a boss and never a worker, always a liar, always a thief and never caught.

~zoe leonard

I don’t know anything about this designing firm, but I liked this, and figured I’d share it. It’s from Designing Monsters.


Image from: Joe Taylor


Do you think people who do what they love have a midlife crisis? Or is it just amplified self doubt? Or something completely different. Just a thought.

Image from: AppleGazette.com

Well done sir, well done! Thank you! We’ll miss you!

Check out this site that has a bunch of iconic Steve Jobs videos.

I want to do this challenge. I may not be able to do it in time for the contest, but I do want to go through each challenge and connect with people in and out of my life. It includes a lot of cool things that will be easy (and some hard) for me to do. Go to good.is to check out all the challenges.


Ahhh….I love Stephen Colbert. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I thought I had to re-post it here. Pretty awesome.

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I know this is getting serious, but I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s a really  long article written by Wesley Yang about Asian Americans over achievers in the real corporate world. It all changes. Here are some interesting quotes.

  • Asian-­Americans represent roughly 5 percent of the population but only 0.3 percent of corporate officers, less than 1 percent of corporate board members, and around 2 percent of college presidents
  • There are nine Asian-American CEOs in the Fortune 500
  • A third of all software engineers in Silicon Valley are Asian, and yet they make up only 6 percent of board members and about 10 percent of corporate officers of the Bay Area’s 25 largest companies
  • National Institutes of Health, where 21.5 percent of tenure-track scientists are Asians, only 4.7 percent of the lab or branch directors are, according to a study conducted in 2005

My wife sent me this article yesterday. I thought it was very interesting and agree that this should be spoken about in any debt ceiling discussion. Keep in mind that Obama’s spending number also includes a projection of his spending out to 2017 to make it equal between the two.