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Check out this picture of the last shuttle landing. You can get a desktop sized version here.

I saw this yesterday at The Daily What. This is totally what happens with my dad asks me to look at his laptop.

So I’ve read about this multiple times in different studies and different books. When I have my own company, I’m definitely incorporating this stuff. You all should definitely watch the video!!

Helping kids get to sleep. That’s what this post is about. Go to Michael Breus’ post to read the entire thing, but I wanted to post one notable suggestion from his article.

Bedrooms are for sleep: Keep your child’s bedroom media-free (well, books are okay!). This means no television, but also no computers or video game players.

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Not! I was going to look back at 2010, but you can do that by reading through the archives. In short, it was awesome and amazing.

Now it’s time to look forward at 2011. This is going to be a great year as well! I don’t know what it holds in store, I just know I’m going to have a blast. Just you wait and see.

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This is my last post of 2010. It’s been an amazing year. There will be much much more coming next year. In the mean time, here are some cool images.

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You know how they seem to play Christmas music earlier and earlier every year? People seem to rant about how they dislike it and they can’t believe it’s starting so early. They talk about how it’s all about making money.

Well for me, it’s AWESOME!! I love the Christmas season. I like the decorations, I love the music, I like the cold weather. Well the colder weather, Houston doesn’t get too cold. We have had two years of snow in a row, so that’s totally awesome! Let’s make it three Bayou City!!

Anyhow, below are a couple of Christmas songs that aren’t on the radio. They’re A Capella songs from Straight No Chaser. Pretty funny stuff.



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Image from: NYDailyNews.com

First of all, let me tell you I LOVE NYC!! There are so many fun places to go, eat, and to go and have fun! There are a lot of super fun people too. Some crabby ones, but there are lame people all over the world. :P Don’t let them affect you. Live life and enjoy it no matter how other people act. You control your attitude, so make it a good one.

Back to the cool people though. Some New Yorkers have worked with Hogwarts to add another stop to the Hogwarts Express. Now, you don’t have to travel to London to find the hidden platform, you can easily go to NYC and hope on. I guess with millions of Harry Potter books sold, and multiple block buster movies released, they gave up on trying to keep it a secret.

For those of you in NYC, can you let me know how much the fare for the Hogwarts Express is? Hopefully with it being magical and all they wouldn’t charge too much. Although, I guess they have to raise money to run their school, so a small fare wouldn’t be too bad. Gotta support education reform.

OH!!! Just thought of this! Maybe Hogwarts is now opening admissions to US students. Can I apply?

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Today is my last work day of the week. That’s right, I’m taking the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving and a trip up to my old stomping grounds, Chicago, IL. I just wanted to quickly thank you all for coming and reading my posts. I have a blast doing them, and it’s pretty awesome to see that there are other people out there who read them daily.

So thank you!! Have a super safe holiday, and have some fun eating turkey and falling asleep doing random things afterwards. Oh and if you’re lucky, enjoy the football this week. I’m a little sad that the ND/USC game won’t be on TV here in TX. Booooo. ESPN3 it is.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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