A Quick Remark

I Love Technology

Remember when ESPN.com looked like this? Go to this site, and you can see a bunch of sites the way they looked in the past (including mine).

The different ways people see the ‘Like’ button around the world. I found this at The Daily What.

I saw this on Boing Boing today. It’s pretty cool. Still sad to see the space shuttle go.

Three Lego figures are going to be sent with Juno to Jupiter. It’s a NASA project. Pretty cool though.

Last week, I read on ReadWriteWeb.com that Facebook is going to start paying people for finding bugs. You can get paid starting at $500, but it can go as high as the significance of the bug you found. Now there’s more reason to spend time on Facebook. :)

I’d love to see this map (found at Gizmodo) across the world. I think the US is like 14 or 15 in internet speeds. Although this map is another reason to move northeast.

Check out this picture of the last shuttle landing. You can get a desktop sized version here.

Wow, maybe I should’ve waited. Microsoft and Star Wars are releasing this bundle for the new Star Wars Kinect game. Ummmm…crazy cool!!!!! Check out more XBOX 360/Star Wars pictures here.

I found this on Mashable. When did you actually jump on the ship and buy an Apple device? Or do you just plain hate everything Apple?

With Google+ loosening up on their invites, more and more people are joining. I heard they’re already up to 10 million in a week or two. Here’s a cheat sheet for you that I found on Mashable and from some friends who posted it.